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How to Create a Mesmerizing Lead Magnet Heather Hanson Digital Marketing Solutions

First Steps to Create a Mesmerizing Lead Magnet

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July 28, 2021
As a digital business owner are you using a lead magnet to build your email marketing list? If you just sighed an audible “nooooo”, you probably know you’re missing an opportunity to leverage your website or online eCommerce store to stay connected with potential customers.

A lead magnet is typically a free or low-cost offer that you provide in exchange for someone signing up to your email marketing list. You deliver the offer by email and follow it with a nurture sequence (more on this later).

Maybe you’ve been scratching your head on what to offer, or your current free offer isn’t hitting the mark. Read on for tips on creating a lead magnet that mesmerizes subscribers and makes them loyal followers.

Understand Your Audience

Do you understand your ideal client avatar (ICA)? If not, you’re setting yourself up for the #audiencebuildingstrugglebus. Before you begin creating any offer (even free ones) you need to define the audience you’re trying to reach. Be specific as possible.

If you have a lead magnet that isn’t performing, there’s a good chance that you missed the mark while defining your ICA.

Think through all of the details and aspects that make up the singular ideal client you are serving  — how old are they, what is their job, where do they hang out online, what do they like to do in their free time, and what problem are they struggling with?

While it is great to think through this person on your own, the real marketing magic happens when you start conducting ICA research:

  • ask for insights in a Facebook group where your ICA hangs out (as long as it is ok with the moderators)
  • conducting interviews with your existing or past clients
  • review some of the ways that your competitors are speaking with a similar ICA

Defining and understanding your ICA and their problems is paramount to helping them authentically. Ultimately, research is really about listening to your audience to build a better relationship with them long term. 

Once you’ve started building your email list use it to engage with your audience. Use surveys to collect more juicy little factoids and keeps your understanding fresh!

Make Sure Your Lead Magnet Provides Real Value

Now that you’ve defined your ICA and peered right into their noggins, deliver real value to them with your lead magnet.

Yes, even your free and low ticket offers need to provide real value for people! Remember, this could be someone’s first interaction with you and your brand, and we all know that first impressions count.

If you’re an eCommerce shop, providing real value may be as simple as giving people a discount code on their next purchase for joining your email list. 

For online course creators or service providers, help those just starting out on their customer journey to tackle a small hurdle related to the problems you help people solve. 

By conducting your research and understanding what solution will provide your audience real value, you can determine the right format for your lead magnet. (You can also get some deets on offer sizing and pricing here.)

How to Create a Mesmerizing Lead Magnet Heather Hanson Digital Marketing Solutions

Keep the Relationship Going

Ever been ghosted by a new acquaintance? That sucked, right? 

You were dazzled and thought things were going well … and then the person just *poofs* never to be heard from again.

That’s how it feels when you share an awesome lead magnet and then digitally drop ‘em like a hot potato.

Prepare to communicate with your audience frequently before you set up your lead magnet. You’re probably using social media, but your email list is a prime opportunity to provide value to your audience.

Did you catch that? I said that value word again. If you only communicate during a launch, your audience will start treating you like that “friend” that shows up when they need a favor. 

Don’t be that friend, friend.

Follow the lead magnet with a nurture sequence. This email series is a relationship-building opportunity delivered over the coming weeks.

Keep providing your audience with insights and what they value and they’ll be more inclined to stick around.

Need help figuring out what lead magnet magic will work with your audience? Book a Discovery Call to chat about getting your project booked!

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