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Kirsten Nelsen — Wexford Training

WordPress Website and eCommerce Overhaul

Kirsten came to me with a non-functioning WordPress site last updated in 2012. Over a four-day project, we completed a complete site overhaul of 12 pages and added an events calendar, WooCommerce storefront, automatic Youtube video feeds, and specialty post functionality.

The Problem

Kirsten's existing WordPress-based site from 2012 was outdated and not mobile responsive. What's worse, another freelancer had convinced her to shift to a different platform, changed the DNS records, and the site was no longer functioning and the freelancer had gone ghost.

The Focus

First we determined that sticking with WordPress would be the better solution for Kirsten. We devised a plan to get her old site functional until we were able to get the new one built during our day rate project.

The Solution

I initially jumped into action to get her DNS records fixed and old site up and running. During our first two days together, I

Give it a Scroll!

"Heather is the most organized and professional tech person I have ever worked with. She made it easy to tackle a very big and complex project of completely overhauling my website. She is also great with all the functional details to make sure all my tech systems flow! The design work is beautiful and the functions actually work - hard combo to be good at both and Heather does just that. "
Kirsten Nelsen
Both Kirsten and I are extremely happy with the site outcome, and Kirsten also has the monthly maintenance worry off her plate as she opted into my WP maintenance package.

Other Projects

The Hidden Garden

The Hidden Garden

A multi-level funnel project using Facebook advertising to generate leads with a free tutorial offer followed by an order bump and lead sequence to a paid membership. The copy, design, and tech setup work was executed at a day rate and ready in less than a week!

Tracey’s Fancy

Tracey’s Fancy

An epic overhaul of 3 brand identities, two websites, and a disjointed eCommerce web stack to bring this brilliantly fun and funky business owner’s web presence to life!