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Book Two Half Tech Days, Save up to 20%!








Close the year out strong, or get prepped to start Q1 of 2022 on the right foot! Schedule two half tech days to use between now and Jan. 31st.

Once paid, you’ll have the chance to pick your two tech days on the next page.

This offer is available for past clients only and expires at the stroke of midnight on Oc. 31!

Tech Day Projects Can Include:

  • Adding/Updating blog, event, podcast, or project posts
  • Updating feature images or SEO content in yoast
  • Running WP Theme or plugin updates
  • Tech troubleshooting
  • Building and connecting email automation
  • Social graphics or templates (posts or cover images)
  • Changing out slider images or other page images (does not include full-page redesigns)
  • Changing out page text on existing pages (does not include the writing of text)
  • Updates or revisions to popups, opt-in forms, or individual promotional sections
  • Addition of SMS or Manychats campaigns to your marketing mix

*Horror Scream* Drats, you've missed the sale! Head over to vipservices.heatherhansondigital.com if you'd still like to book a day.